It is time…to recognize the best of the best!

So, as Absolute Chaos gets set to reveal what people voted to be the top ten authors of ALL time for their featured story of the month on their countdown to 100 features, it is also time for writers to be recognized here. I have linked up the nomination form for you guys so you guys are officially able to nominate what you feel are the best of BSB Fanfiction. For those who weren’t around last year, they can be old, new, I don’t care. As long as you follow the rules I will accept the nomination. Where are the rules? Oh…here they are!

Nominations end July 19th so get them in! I’ll let you know after when voting when begin.

See you next week with a new chapter of Show Me A Reason!

Random Rainbow Ramble – I’ve been watching a lot of older videos and listening to older songs for the new fic. I forgot just how much I freaking loved the song “Weird World”. Weird, right? lol


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