New Story? Maybe

So I’ve been rewatching the show Firefly that I bought during Black Friday sales and remembered how much I love it. So it inspired a new story idea and I’ve been sitting on it for awhile. Last night I got like a creative surge cause I was able to really flesh it out and even write up the prologue/start on chapter one. I want to be 100% sure I’m sticking with this so I’m not posting till I at least have three or more chapters. But I am 98% sure lol, and decided to post my banner, the summary and three lines from the introduction. I want thoughts!

Sci-Fi is a genre I haven’t touched on in awhile so I’m a little nervous. “Awhile” = Years.

So tweet me, comment, let me know!



Like angels on fire, we burn the sky…
Across the universe I’ll be by your side…

When the world you knew no longer exists, you soon learn you’ll do anything to see another day.

There was never mercy.
There was no compassion.
There was only survival.


Also I haven’t forgotten Divine Intervention, but I’ve always been the writer who needs more than one solo project unfortunately. I actually looked at my Born To Be notes as I meant to rewrite that forever and this idea come out instead. I see it as a sign LOL.

Let me know what you think!


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