Pandaskunk Epicness

So I went to the Vegas show yesterday. And long story short, random shirts with Pandaskunks on them? (Again, see the flying panda in the “It’s Christmas Time Again” video to get what I mean) was SO worth it. See the shirts we wore (pictured here ) was a mockery of the video a bit and on the back said “you know the Boys are back in town, town, town…that’s when it’s BACKSTREET time again”. The Boys loved them, I’m sure the picture turned out great. Kevin’s almost yelling “It’s the mythical creature called the Pandaskunk!” like three times at Nick was priceless. Kevin’s definitely got some serious love from me these days. I was so happy when he saw me going “I love your shirt” when me, Julie, and our friend Lynsey walked up and gave me this huge hug.

This is why I keep doing fan related events people lol.

So, I’m posting a song clip here that they did at soundcheck that didn’t make the album. Thought you guys might like it.

Also…KEEP VOTING! Voting ends for the Double Rainbow Awards on Friday the 13th! I’ll announce winners basically as soon as I have the banners finished so I can pick a date to tell you lol.


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