Back From The Dead With Possible Awards

I promise. Long story short, my life and family are insane lol.

Moving on, I’m jumping back into the fanfic world. I’m writing and should have an update in the near future. That said, I’m sure a lot of you might remember my Torture Awards over at Pain Is Just Pleasure. While I loved those and WILL do them again, it’s too soon because they’re genre specific. It’s gonna depend on when there’s more variety when Season Two of that will happen. But I kind of want to do an awards to celebrate fanfiction anywhere.

Doesn’t matter if it’s here, at Dreamer’s Sanctuary, My Confession, Absolute Chaos, wherever.

Doesn’t matter when it’s been written either.

If you feel it’s an amazing fic, you can nominate it is basically my stance on it. Unless it’s by me or has me collaborating on it. Because I’m the one hosting it obviously. I’m thinking it’ll be an annual thing. I’m going to call them the “Double Rainbow” awards. And I want your opinions. Here’s what I’m thinking for categories.

Story Awards
Best 1st Person POV – “So Vivid”
Best Angst – “So Intense”
Best Novel – “I Can’t Even Capture It On My Camera”
Best Romance – “So Bright”
Best Horror/Suspense – “Oh, Oh My God”
Best Oneshot – “That’s a Whole Rainbow There”
Best Series – “It’s Starting To Look Like A Triple Rainbow”
Most Creative – “What Does It Mean?”

Character Awards
Best Villain – “The Baddest Fuckin’ Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen”
Best Hero – “Full of Awe”

Author Awards
Best Author – “Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky”
Best New Author – “Look At That Rainbow!”

My Inspiration


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