Wait…An Actual Story Update?

Okay, sadly I basically had nothing to do with this LOL. My amazing partner in crime Julie (also known as RokofAges75 for the few who don’t know) just finished off an amazing (if I say so myself) and long chapter for Song For The Undead. She is the Panda to my Skunk, the Zombie to my Double Rainbow. I kinda love her.

Anywho, it’s a story update, I have a site…we’ll count this as my first official Fanfiction Update on this thing okay? LOL.

You should see the link off to the side or over on the collaborations page so check it out!

Or feel free to read it here on Absolute Chaos. I love the site Julie designed for it, but whatever works for you! Hehe.

We’re nominated as Best Collaboration Team over at the Felix Awards and Song For The Undead is nominated over at the Best of BSB 2012 Awards for best story still going in 2012. So please vote! If you want, vote for us, or not lol. Just vote!


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